Robert Kilroy-Silk

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Robert Kilroy-Silk

Robert Kilroy-Silk
Age 66
Occupation TV Presenter and politician
Phobias None
Special skills Chopping wood

The former TV host and politician is best-known for his straight-talking bronzed looks.

Robert acknowledges his capacity for putting his foot in it. 'Every member of my family is full of apprehension about me going into the jungle because they think I'm going to be a nightmare and screw up in some way,' he says. Best avoid cars that require a calm hand to keep them on the road, then.

He also admits he's a control freak who wants things done properly all the time, so we'll be keeping a close eye on the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey when we make this recommendation.

What Car?'s recommendation Toyota Prius

Why? We think being seen in the eco-warrior's favourite car could boost his popularity, and while its performance is good, it's not what we'd call a powerful car, so there's less room for getting carried away and slipping up. It's also a JD Power winner.