Rusty Audi

Audi SQ5's exhaust system starts to rust after just a few months of ownership...

Rusty Audi

In October 2014, I bought a new Audi SQ5. After a couple of months of ownership I noticed heavy corrosion on the exhaust box.

I immediately went back to the dealership where the workshop manager had a look. He wasn’t sure what was going on and went to check with a colleague. Eventually I was told that exhausts are not replaced under warranty and they couldn’t do anything to help me.

Is this normal wear and tear? I’m worried that it’s more than cosmetic damage and will leave me with a hefty repair bill.

What Car? says

You were right to go back to the dealership. Even during winter driving an exhaust system on a new car shouldn’t corrode after just a couple of months.

Contact Audi customer services. Send them pictures of the corrosion and ask that a technician comes to investigate.

Under the Sale of Goods Act, within the first six months after the sale of a new car, the onus is on the manufacturer to prove that there wasn’t a problem with the car at the time of sale. Audi needs to come up with a solution.