Sat-navs to show most dangerous roads

* Safety group in talks with sat-nav makers * Sat-navs could warn drivers of risky roads * Systems could be on sale next summer...

Sat-navs to show most dangerous roads

Satellite-navigation systems could tell drivers if they're about to use the most dangerous roads in Britain.

EuroRAP, the European Road Assessment Programme, a non-profit-making road safety group, is in discussion with sat-nav manufacturers about allowing them to use its latest risk map.

Included in the map is the most lethal road in Britain, an eight-mile section of the A537 between Macclesfield in Cheshire and Buxton in Derbyshire. There were 21 fatal collisions there between 2004 and 2006, many or them motorcyclists.

For car users, the most dangerous road is a six-mile part of the A61 in Yorkshire between Barnsley and Wakefield. There were 17 fatal collisions there in the past three years.

The hope is that satellite-navigation systems with information on roads like these will help dissuade drivers from using them, or to take greater care if they do.

According to EuroRAP, they will carry a warning that says 'You are entering a high-risk area. Please be careful. 'The systems will be tested this year and could be on sale by next summer.

The information from EuroRAP's map will also appear in Collins road atlases in future.

EuroRAP 2008 findings: the UK's highest-risk roads

Road Length Fatal collisions
1. A537 Macclesfield-Buxton 8 miles 21
2. A683 M6 J34 - Kirkby Lonsdale 15 miles 22
3. A61 Barnsley-Wakefield 6 miles 22
4. A54 Congleton-Buxton 14 miles 20
5. A84 M9 J10 - Lochearnhead 27 miles 29
6. A5 Daventry-Rugby (A428) 10 miles 12
7. A726 M77 J3 to Paisley 4 miles 23.
8. A570 St Helens-M58 J3 6 miles 17
9. A53 Leek-Buxton 12 miles 16
10. A671 Burnley-A59 Whalley 6 miles 24