Sing your way home for Christmas

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Sing your way home for Christmas

You know it's Christmas when a new survey reveals the top festive tracks for singing along to in the car. This year Kia does the honours.

British motorists plan to drive an average of 92 miles over Christmas visiting family and friends, according to Kia's research. Four out of five drivers will listen along to music or talk radio, and the most popular Christmas song is Slade's 'Merry Christmas Everyone'.

One in five of those surveyed chose the track which includes a line about Santa doing a 'ton up' on his sleigh. We just hope he's not planning to do that on British roads or he'll face an instant ban and there will be a lot of disappointed children on Christmas day.

Those top five festive tunes in full:

Slade Merry Christmas Everyone
Chris Rea Driving Home for Christmas
Band Aid Do They Know its Christmas Time
Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas
Paul McCartney Wonderful Christmas Time

Chris Rea was first choice for women and the over-55s, while drivers aged 25-34 were more likely to pick Maria Carey's song.