Skoda Kamiq long-term test: report 3

The Kamiq is Skoda's smallest SUV, but is it big and brawny enough to cope with family life? We’ve added one to our long-term test fleet to find out...

Skoda Kamiq long termer

The car Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI 115 SE L Run by Claire Evans, consumer editor

Why it’s here The Kamiq is our favourite small SUV for less than £20,000, but how will it cope as a long-distance commuter car and weekend family wheels? We have four months to find out 

Needs to Prove that you don’t have to have deep pockets to be able to buy a good small SUV

Mileage 3804 List price £21,980 Target Price £19,384 Price as tested £27,780 Test economy 44.5mpg Official economy 47.1mpg

31 March 2020 – It's the little things

I feel compelled to raise one small gripe about the infotainment system in my Skoda Kamiq: the sub-editor in me is offended by the garbled message that pops up on the screen every time I turn off the car's ignition. Surely the system developers could have got a better translation from Google Translate. 

On a more positive note, it turns out that the Skoda is pretty narrow and has fairly stubby doors. I’ve recently discovered this makes it great for social distancing when you’re out replenishing your supply of toilet roll. You can park in a small space and still be able to open the door to get out without touching the car in the next bay. 

Another new thing to consider due to the coronavirus outbreak is the impact hand sanitiser could have on your car. I had considered spraying the door handles, steering wheel and other controls, but I'm concerned that it might harm the paintwork and plastic, so I’ve decided to use diluted old-fashioned disinfectant. Hopefully this will stop Covid-19 from affecting the Kamiq. 

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