Skoda Kamiq long-term test: report 7

The Kamiq is Skoda's smallest SUV, but is it big and brawny enough to cope with family life? We’ve added one to our long-term test fleet to find out...

Skoda Kamiq long termer

The car Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI 115 SE L Run by Claire Evans, consumer editor

Why it’s here The Kamiq is our favourite small SUV for less than £20,000, but how will it cope as a long-distance commuter car and weekend family wheels? We have four months to find out 

Needs to Prove that you don’t have to have deep pockets to be able to buy a good small SUV

Mileage 8615 List price £21,980 Target Price £19,384 Price as tested £27,780 Test economy 44.5mpg Official economy 47.1mpg

23 June 2020 – Smart service department

I’ve mentioned issues with the Kamiq’s infotainment system in the past.  It sometimes wouldn’t turn on at all and other times it stayed persistently silent resulting in long drives home from work with no music or traffic news. And, occasionally, it wouldn’t let me play podcasts - does it have something against The Archers? 

A message telling me it needed a software update appeared on the screen a couple of weeks ago, so I ran this hoping it would smooth out the glitches. However, the system didn’t behave any better afterwards, and carried on telling me it needed to be updated. 

After trying the update four more times without success, I called my local Skoda dealer, Marshalls of Croydon. The helpful service department employee said that rebooting the system by pressing and holding the power button might sort it out. Hey presto, it worked. And thanks to the sensible mechanic I didn’t need to visit the dealership. 

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