Some good news for car manufacturers

* PricewaterhouseCoopers spending survey * New car buying is on people's agendas again * Credit card and mortgage is most important...

Some good news for car manufacturers

Beleaguered car manufacturers have been handed a glimmer of hope - a new survey suggests people are more likely to buy a new car now than they were six months ago.

The study by PricewaterhouseCoopers asks people to rank their spending priorities every six months.

Items that people are more likely to spend money on now than they were in March include credit card and mortgage repayments, savings, special occasions and buying a new car.

The spending priorities were:
1 Credit card repayment Up from 7th place in March
2 Main holiday Down from 1st in March
3 Minor home improvement Remains in 3rd place from March
4 Mortgage repayment Up from 8th place in March
5 Savings and investment Up from 9th place in March
6 Buying a car Up from 10th place in March
7 Saving for a new house New entry
8 Short holiday Down from 2nd place in March
9 Special occasion Up from 14th place in March
10 Garden improvements Down from 6th place in March