Speed cameras and punishments

Speed cameras and punishments

Do we need more speed cameras?
Yes 7.4%
No 92.6%

Do speed cameras improve safety?
Yes 15.3%
No 84.7%

Have you been on a speed-awareness course?
Yes 4.4%
No 95.6%

Why did you attend?
Only because I had to 35.2%
Because it meant a smaller fine/less points 48.1 %
Because I felt bad about what I had done 16.7%

Did you think the course was:
An eye-opener that changed the way I drove 58.2 %
Just a way to avoid a ban/points 29.1%
An insult to my ability to drive 12.7%

Should there be more speed-awareness courses instead of fixed penalties?
Yes 81.6%
No 18.4%

Do you think that too much time and effort is put into monitoring the speed of drivers and punishing them for exceeding limits?
Yes 85.6 %
No 14.4 %

Do speed cameras simply raise revenue?
Yes 81.9 %
No 18.1%