Speeding and you

Speeding and you

Do you speed?
Yes, occasionally 75.2%
Yes, all of the time 15.6%
Only in an emergency 3.6%
No, never 5.6%

Why do you speed?
To make up for lost time 6.1%
To keep up with other traffic 25.6%
Because it's fun 3.0%
Because the limit is often too low for the conditions 65.3%

Do you think your speeding is ever a danger to yourself or others?
Yes 21.2%
No 78.8%

Roughly, what proportion of accidents do you think are attributed to excess speed by the Department for Transport?
15% 36.4%
30% 25.5%
45% 17.4%
60% 20.7%

(The DfT says that 'inappropriate speed amounts to about 30% of contributory factors in road accidents'.)

What is the leading cause of accidents, according to the DfT?
Failing to look properly 59.4%
Loss of control 33.0%
Drunkenness 4.8%
Pedestrian failed to look properly 2.7%

(The DfT's 'Road Casualties Great Britain 2006: Annual Report' showed that failure to look was a contributory factor in 35% of accidents on all roads. Loss of control was a factor in 15% of accidents, while a pedestrian failing to look properly accounted for 10% of accidents. Alcohol was involved in only 5% of accidents.)