Take part in Honda's road movie

* Apply online for Honda film role * Preview CR-Z hybrid coupe * Filming starts in May...

Take part in Honda's road movie

Honda is launching its sporty CR-Z hybrid coupe this summer and to celebrate, the company is creating a film of real people's extraordinary journeys.

Anyone interested in taking part in the film can tell the world about an extraordinary journey they'd like to take by visiting www.liveeverylitre.com.

Journeys in the CR-Z
The journeys in the film will be taken in the CR-Z, giving participants a unique opportunity to preview the new car.

Applicants must then canvass support for their journey, with the top-rated ideas making it onto the film's shortlist.

The final cast will be selected by the film's director and a team of bloggers.

Applications are open until March 19, the winning journeys will be announced on April 5 and the crew will hit the road to start filming on May 1.