Tax disc query

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Tax disc query

I have received my tax renewal reminder offering me a choice of six or 12 months tax (115.50 or 210) when my current disc expires on September 30. If I renew it now for six months, can I then renew it for 12 months next time around?
Nick Swindells

You certainly can. If you choose to renew for six months now, that doesnt mean youre stuck renewing every six months in the future.

Bear in mind that the car tax system is changing next April, though. The number of VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) bands will increase from seven to 13.

Your car falls in the current band F, which puts it in either J or K of the new system. Unfortunately, that means the next time you renew youll be paying an extra 50 to 90 a year, depending on the exact CO2 output of your car.

If you renew for six months at the end of September, youll be covered until the end of March 2009. That means next time around youll be paying the inflated charges.

So you could save yourself a few quid by renewing for 12 months now and avoiding the first six months of the inflated fees.