Testing the all-new What Car? website

The first 'beta' pages of an all-new What Car? website are live and we'd love you to have a look at them...

Testing the all-new What Car? website

This summer marks the start of big changes to whatcar.com. Over the last six months we've been working on an overhaul of our digital services, a process that begins with a new website designed for mobile, tablet and desktop PCs that we hope will be much easier to use.

Today we have released the first 'beta' version of the website to give our users a taste of what's to come. It is a single section of the new site – a collection of What Car?'s executive car reviews – that reveals a new structure for our car reviews.

You will notice we've upgraded our existing three-chapter reviews ('On the road', 'Ownership' and 'In the cabin') to a new four-chapter format. We've also made the most important information you need when buying a new car much easier to access.

The format is visually richer, using larger images and more detailed sections. The new site will also be faster and adapts in many ways across different screen sizes so you can access it seamlessly on the desktop at work or mobile phone in the evening.

This is the first in a series of releases planned for the coming weeks ahead of our full relaunch over the summer. Our aim is simple: to make it easier for you to research and choose your next new car. By working together with our users to understand what works and what doesn't we have the best chance of achieving that.

However, because this is a beta release, some of the new features are not yet available (we'll let you know with a little message on screen if you bump into an upcoming feature), but we do invite you to take a good look around and send us any early feedback.

Go to beta.whatcar.com to have a play.

Thank you.