The average motorist

* The average driver is paying 30% more * Why, and what's being done about it? * We expose the shocking truth...

The average motorist

The average motorist is paying a third more for insurance than a year ago. Why, and what is the Government doing about it?

We bet the last time you renewed your car insurance the premium went up. A lot.

Youre not alone. Figures from the AAs British Insurance Premium Index show an average rise of 33.2% over 2010, an increase that massively outstrips inflation. That means a 500 policy will typically have gone up to 666. Why? Edmund King, president of the AA, believes premiums have stayed too low for too long, with insurance companies placing market share over profit. Towards the end of 2009 costs were, on average, exceeding premium income by 23%.

He also refutes accusations that the insurance companies are making a quick buck: I really dont think there is profiteering, he says. The sector is intensely competitive, particularly since the advent of comparison sites, which sell on price.

The average driver
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