The cheapest electric cars on a PCP finance deal

Think all electric cars are expensive? If you buy on a PCP finance deal, that doesn't have to be the case – we've found electric cars from as little as £234 per month...

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If you've been struggling to fill up your car with petrol or diesel because of the fuel shortage you might have started thinking about driving an electric car instead. Well, electric vehicles now suit more people than ever, and slowly but surely, barriers to ownership such as range, price and charging infrastructure are being toppled. 

Thanks to our Target PCP discounts, buying an electric car need not be hideously expensive. Target PCP is unique to What Car? and represents the most we think you should pay on a monthly finance deal. It's generated by our team of mystery shoppers, who spend all day talking to dealers to find out how low they'll go.

In this story, we've hunted out the cheapest electric cars available on a PCP finance deal, starting from just £234 per month. Our picks come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from city runabouts to SUVs.