The complete What Car? guide to buying a used car

The expert What Car? guide to safely and easily buying your next used car...

1. The complete What Car? guide to buying a used car
How to buy a used car
When to buy
How old?
Automatic or manual?
Petrol or diesel or electric or hybrid?
High-mileage cars
Where to buy
Buying privately
Buying from an franchised dealer
Buying from an independent dealer
Car supermarkets
Previous owner(s)
The test drive
Getting started
On the drive
Tyred out?
Check the mileage
Get a Car Data check
Chassis number
Get all the keys
Peace of mind
Spot the trader
Trust your instincts
Professional inspections
Inspecting on the cheap
Sorting out the paperwork
Registration document (V5C)
MOT certificate
Service history
Doing the deal
And one last thing...
Ford Fiesta
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Buying a used car can be a stressful experience because of the possibility of buying something that’s been abused, stolen, crashed or is simply worn out.

But there’s a huge amount that you can do to protect yourself when buying a used car, as you’ll discover if you read this authoritative What Car? guide.

The key is to be methodical when buying and not to rush things. If you cut corners you’re opening yourself up to problems further down the line, so work your way through our checklist to make sure that you buy a great used car instead of a lemon.

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