The finer detail

* 5.2-litre V10 517bhp * Enough grip to suck oil out of Tarmac * From 99,575...

The finer detail

The V10 R8 is 22k more than the V8 version, but it comes with the world's first all-LED headlights, a Bang and Olufsen stereo, electrically adjustable seats and a DVD sat-nav system all as standard.

Add to this a leather-lined interior featuring first-class construction and a sublime driving position, and there's very little to fault except perhaps one crucial area.

Despite a comprehensive upgrade over the original V8 R8's set-up, the semi-automatic transmission remains a weak link. The shifts are just about acceptable in comfort mode, but press the Sport button and the gearchanges become very abrupt.

It's much better to save yourself the 5090 extra for the auto and stick with the excellent six-speed manual gearbox.

Our verdict
A supercar you really can use and abuse everyday
5 stars