The Government's view

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The Government's view

The Government's view

We asked for the Government's road safety minister, Jim Fitzpatrick, to comment, but after a month, the best we got from the DfT was this response from 'a spokesman': 'We will only consider proceeding with a national scheme when we are content that we can provide robust information which is of benefit to all consumers and which will result in real road safety benefits.

'It is too early to give details about how NPACS testing will be funded.'

At least the statement says that tests 'will be funded', but it doesn't offer much hope for the testing programme to start any time soon.

As Mason says: 'You can't wait for the Government; it would never happen, you just have to get on and do it.'

So, if the colour of your next child seat is most important, you've no worries. If safety is top of your agenda, perhaps you should start a whip-round.