The in-car fries holder

* Store you fries safely * Attaches to in-car cup-holders * Drivers warned not to eat and drive, though...

The in-car fries holder

Come on, admit it - you've tried to drive your car while eating a burger and fries.

Although would always advise you not to eat while driving, reminding you of the risk of being apprehended for driving without due care and attention, it's also worth remembering that there are hazards even if you aren't spotted by the police.

To begin with, if you're an impatient type, steering your way out of the car park while trying to get burger to mouth will always end in disaster: mayo-encrusted lettuce will end up down you shirt.

Then there's the gherkin-on-the-chin disaster that's just waiting to happen as you accelerate away, the slippery vegetable needing no second invitation to slip out from beneath the bun and make a bid for freedom, leaving a slug-like ketchup trail down your face.

But all of this pales into insignificance when compared with the potential trials of trying to eat fries while driving.

For starters, do you eat them daintily, one at a time, or reduce the risk of incidents by stuffing as many as you can grab into your mouth at once? Actually, that's not so much a question of taste, as one of gender.

Then there's the question of where you store the fries.

Do you hold the container in one hand, while alternating between steering and stuffing fries in your mouth with the other?

It's all very well, but it'll inevitably lead to greasy, handprint-shaped marks appearing on the steering wheel and accusing questions from your other half.

Then there's the between-the-knees option, which is a bit like playing Russian roulette.

Most of the time, pinning the fries container between your legs is safer, ensuring that at least one hand is always on the steering wheel, but go one sharp corner too far and you risk covering a sensitive area in hot potato products.

The inevitable fallout could get very messy as you try to protect yourself and scoop up your tasty treats.

Fear not, though, as help could be at hand in the shape of the Fries N Things in-car holder.

Shaped to hold all sizes of cardboard fries containers, it has an attachment that means it sits neatly in any cup-holder shaped crevice.

The price of all this? Wholesalers Colours USA will sell you 12 for $30.