The touchscreen is fantastic

* Passat CC audio tested * Dynaudio from 785 * More audio reviews soon...

19 Aug 2008 11:55 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Our test car sported every extra in the book, including a DVD touchscreen navigation
system (1915 when fitted with Dynaudio speakers).

While that may seem steep, it's actually money extremely well spent once you look into what you get.

First, the same option also gives you access to a dedicated iPod input with full control over your Apple portable, with album, artist, title and track information displayed on the 6.5in touchscreen.

Second, the system provides quite the best user interface we've experienced in a car at any price, its beautiful graphics shaming cars costing much more (just try tuning in the radio, for instance it's like the first time you played with an iPhone).

Third, you get a 30GB hard disk for music storage, plus an SD card reader for external music files and, just to be sure, that 3.5mm input is fitted, too.

For an extra 235, you can have a six-CD changer too, but frustratingly, while DAB is also available, it can only be fitted if you choose not to have the sat-nav kit.