Timing chain woes

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What Car? Staff
8 Mar 2012 10:4 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Name Mark Addison
Car Mitsubishi Evo X
Problem Timing chain not covered by warranty

An extended warranty should give peace of mind. However, Mark Addison found the extended cover on his Mitsubishi, administered by The Warranty Group, was no help when the timing chain on his 08-plate Mitsubishi Evo X needed replacing.

The warranty company have refused to pay, saying it is not a mechanical failure, Mark told us. This left a bill of around 1700, although it was reduced by 400 when Mitsubishi Motors agreed to make a goodwill gesture.

An independent inspection of the car concluded that needing to replace the worn timing chain at 45,000 miles was abnormal and premature.

We contacted TWG, who told us the claim had been refused because the part was worn, not broken. We twisted Mitsubishis arm, but the company would not offer more than 400 towards Marks bill because two of the cars services had been carried out slightly late.

Mark told us that one had been delayed because the dealer had cancelled the booking twice. Although disappointed, he has accepted Mitsubishis offer.

**If this happens to you
1 Always check the small print of any warranty agreement carefully.
2 Try to book services slightly early if possible.
3** If you have been a loyal customer, push for a goodwill gesture.