Top 10: most popular used car reviews | What Car?

Every month, we count down the most popular used car reviews, covering everything from small hatchbacks to executive cruisers. Here's what you've been reading about in July...

7th - Volvo XC60

Years: 2008-2017 Budget from: £8200 Our favourite: D4 Drive SE

Top 10: most popular used car reviews | What Car?

We've been impressed with the new Volvo XC60, and the fact that the previous model has held on to its value so well shows how sought after it is on the used market. This is a prestigious, practical and spacious family SUV, and the diesel engine we recommend is both economical and gutsy.

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6th - Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Years: 2006-2012 Budget from: £5000 Our favourite: C220 CDI SE

Top 10: most popular used car reviews | What Car?

If you're looking for a used executive cruiser, the chances are that the C-Class is already on your shortlist. It's not as sharp to drive as the rival BMW 3 Series, but it's still reasonably spacious and comfortable over long journeys. There's a wide variety of models to choose from, too, including performance-oriented AMG versions if your budget will stretch that far.

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5th - Audi A3

Years: 2003-2013 Budget from: £1200 Our favourite: 1.4 TFSI SE Sportback manual

Top 10: most popular used car reviews | What Car?

Posh family hatchbacks don't come much better than the Audi A3. It's based on the Volkswagen Golf but offers a more upmarket interior designed to make it feel, well, like a larger Audi. It's not without its problems – resale values for cared-for models remain high and its ride is firmer than in most rivals – but the A3 remains a desirable and practical choice.

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