Top 10 'to do' list for 10-plate cars

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What Car? Staff
23 Feb 2010 15:55 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The new 10-numberplate is launched next week, so we've put together a top 10 'to do' list to guide you through the car-buying process.

1) What to buy?
We have reviews of more than 400 models broken down into 4000 versions, and we recommend the best buy from each category of car.

2) What do people say about the cars on your shortlist?
We've over 20,000 reader reviews on, detailing what a car is like to live with day in, day-out. Our reader reviews here

3) Test drive thoroughly
Here's our guide to getting the most out of a test drive.

4) Don't pay over the odds
What Car?'s Target Price is the most you should pay for your new car, and if your dealer won't match our Target Price we will put you in touch with a dealer who can.

5) Shop around
Get prices from internet brokers and play one dealer off against another. Check out our Cars for Sale section, and once you're at a dealership, haggle firmly but politely and you can save thousands.

6) Save a packet on a pre-registered car
Here's how to save even more money by grabbing yourself a pre-registered bargain.

7) Trading in
If you are trading in a car, make sure you maximise its value. Check out our free valuations as a guide to how much your car is worth.

8) Scrappage cash
If your trade-in is 10-years old, you could be eligible for the scrappage scheme.

9) Taking delivery
Your new car has arrived at the dealership here's what to look out for and ask for when you take delivery of a new car.

10) Check out the small print
Don't waste all your hard haggling work by paying over the odds for finance or insurance. Haggle over finance deals just as hard as you would over a new car, and check out our insurance checklist on how to get a good deal.