Top leasing deals on our favourite 4x4s

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Top leasing deals on our favourite 4x4s

Winter is coming, so it's time to prepare. With 4x4s the obvious option, we've scoped the best personal leasing deals for our favourite off-roaders.

Land Rover Discovery
Our 2011 4x4 of the year has executive-car level of refinement, and is fantastic on- and off-road.
Land Rover Discovery review
Land Rover Discovery leasing deals from 615 PCM

The classy and practical X3 is good to drive and has an efficient and high-performing set of engines.
BMW X3 review
BMW X3 leasing deals from 533 PCM

Hyundai Santa Fe
The Hyundai is a great family 4x4; affordable, spacious, and well equipped. It's fantastic value and comes with a five-year warranty.
Hyundai Santa Fe review
Hyundai Santa Fe deals from 358 PCM

Although it's not quite as practical as the Land Rover Discovery, the BMW X5 is brilliant to drive on-road and pretty good off it with decent fuel economy, too.
BMW X5 review
BMW X5 deals from 653 PCM

Porsche Cayenne
Porsches Cayenne isn't the most practical purchase, thanks to its high purchase and running costs, but it's fantastically sporty and comes with the best interior in its class.
Porsche Cayenne review
Porsche Cayenne leasing deals from 758 PCM

Honda CR-V
The Honda's hardcore off-road ability isn't as well-developed as some of its rivals', but it is a great all-rounder that's affordable and well built.
Honda CR-V review
Honda CR-V leasing deals from 265 PCM

Audi Q5
The Q5 comes with superb comfort, space and quality, and it is beautifully refined on the road as well. The downside is its slightly firm ride.
Audi Q5 review
Audi Q5 leasing deals from 437 PCM

Land Rover Freelander
Like the Discovery, the Land Rover Freelander is a capable off-roader, but sadly it isnt quite as spacious inside.
Land Rover Freelander review
Land Rover Freelander leasing deals from 333 PCM

Nissan X-Trail
The Nissan X-Trail is a chunky-looking 4x4, that's comfortable on the road and more capable off it than many of its rivals.
Nissan X-Trail review
Nissan X-Trail leasing deals from 354 PCM

Lexus RX
The Lexus RX450h is one of the greenest 4x4s you can buy, and therefore enjoys low running costs. A comfy ride and lots of kit make it popular with owners.
Lexus RX review
Lexus RX leasing deals from 695 PCM