Tow Car Awards 2022: Plug-in hybrid

If you’re looking for a great tow car that will also be enjoyable to drive solo, you need one of our 2022 Tow Car Awards winners. Here we look at the best plug-in hybrid...

WINNER: Plug-in hybrid

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 TGDi Plug-In Hybrid Premium 4WD auto

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Kerbweight 1818kg 85% match Not legal Max towing weight 1350kg Towball limit 100kg

The Hyundai Tucson drops down a weight class due to its low towing limit, but that’s quite common for plug-in hybrids. Besides, a maximum of 1350kg means a reasonable range of caravans are still sensible matches.

From the driver’s seat, you’d swear the Tucson could handle a much heavier load. With 261bhp, this is a powerful car, towing from 30-60mph in 8.7sec. It still punches hard with the battery largely depleted, too.

Tow Car Awards 2022 - Hyundai Tucson rear

The Tucson was hugely impressive in the lane change test, keeping the caravan firmly under control at all speeds. It put in a similarly assured performance in a straight line, with no sign of instability at 70mph. The Tucson mastered the hill start as well, pulling to the top of the slope on electric power alone if the driver was gentle with the accelerator.

This ability to run on electric power really comes into its own in day-to-day driving. An official electric range of 38 miles will help to keep running costs down, while low CO2 emissions mean a small tax bill for anyone running a Tucson as a company car.

Tow Car Awards 2022 - Hyundai Tucson dashboard

It’s very quiet when relying solely on electric power, and reasonably hushed even when the petrol engine chimes in. Despite its healthy turn of pace, it’s not an especially sporty drive, but light steering makes for easy manoeuvres around town or when parking.

There’s plenty of space for people and their luggage inside. Rear leg room in particular is very generous, and the back seats recline if your passengers fancy a nap. The standard of finish is high, as it should be in a car with a price tag nudging £40k.

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