Best company cars 2022

Whether you want petrol or electric power, and whether you're more interested in a saloon or an SUV, you'll find something on this list to suit...

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Choosing the right company car can be a tricky business. As well as wanting a good car in its own right, you also need to be mindful of how much it will set you back in terms of company car tax. While this amount differs depending on whether you're a 20% or 40% tax payer, you'll want something with low CO2 emissions to keep the figure as low as possible

Here, we're looking at the best company cars regardless of their class. That's why you'll see a mixture of electric and plug-in hybrid models on our list, as well as models from different classes, including executive cars and SUVs.

In each case in this slideshow, you can see the P11D price of our preferred model, as well as how much it will cost you per month if you're a 20% or 40% tax payer. And don't forget, you can read more about each car in our dedicated reviews, and see how much we can save you through our free New Car Buying service.