Tuesday, July 20

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Tuesday, July 20

The What Car? live lunchtime session has now ended. Click below to replay the entire event.

Our team should be able to cover all subjects, whether it's a new car, used car or a problem with your current car. However, some questions might be too involved to sort out in a single lunchtime. We'll let you know what to do if so.

Answering your questions today were:
The What Car? team who answered the questions during this session:
• Iain Reid: whatcar.com producer
• Alex Newby: What Car? deputy editor
• Matt Sanger: What Car? used car editor
• Ivan Aistrop: What Car? road tester

Live Q&A
The What Car? live Q&A session has now ended. Click below to replay.
What Car? live Q&A session 20/07/2010