Turn in, blast out

* Stunning in almost every aspect * 300bhp 2.5-litre engine * Claimed average economy of 30.5mpg...

Turn in, blast out

Turn in, blast out
This tenacious traction, as well as phenomenal grip, precise steering and sweetly calibrated suspension all contribute heavily to the RS's sublime handling.

The weight of that five-cylinder engine up front does make the car feel slightly nose heavy compared with more evenly balanced four-cylinder, four-wheel-drive performance cars such as the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza, but it never feels like a hindrance.

In fact, that weight actually gives the front end of the RS a pronounced planted feel. Think of it as an axis that around which the rest of the car pivots and you'll get some idea of the tenacious grip that the RS's front tyres exert on even the most slippery surface.

With minimal suspension travel and a body with less flex than a wrought iron girder, it feels like you're being fed into a centrifuge as you slam from one bend to the next.

What's more, no matter how hard you push it, the RS delivers phenomenal feedback through the steering wheel. With that feedback comes the sort of confidence that leaves you free to concentrate on kissing every apex of every corner and pour on great globs of power the instant you spot the road opening out.