Tyres to get efficiency labels

* Will have to display efficiency ratings * Could save millions of tonnes of oil * CO2 could be cut by four million tonnes...

Tyres to get efficiency labels

Tyres will have to display information on fuel efficiency, wet surface grip and external rolling noise after legislation was approved at the European Commission in Strasbourg.

Will help save fuel and cut emissions
The EU Commission believes the new rules could result in fuel savings equivalent to 6.6 million tonnes of oil a year in Europe by 2020. That figure is greater than the annual consumption of oil in a country such as Hungary.

Carbon dioxide emission from cars and lorries could be cut by as much as four million tonnes per year, depending on how quickly drivers react to the new ratings by picking more efficient tyres.

The resulting cut in CO2 emissions could be equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars from the roads each year, according to experts.

EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said: 'I'm very happy about the adoption of the tyre labelling regulation.

'This is a typical win-win situation where consumers and fleet managers will be able to choose safer and low-noise tyres, and save on their fuel bills, while the EU as a whole will benefit from reduced road-transport emissions.'