UK could cut drink-driving limit

The drink-driving limit in England and Wales may be slashed, making it illegal to drive after a single pint of beer...

UK could cut drink-driving limit
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Darren Moss
10 Feb 2016 11:07

The drink-driving limit in England and Wales may be cut to bring it in line with Scotland, ministers have revealed.

The rest of the UK could join Scotland in reducing its limit to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, the equivalent of one pint of beer or one glass of wine. The current limit in the UK is 80mg per 100ml and is among the highest in Europe.

In response to a parliamentary question asked earlier this month, Transport Minister Andrew Jones said he would meet with his counterpart in Scotland to assess what impact the lowered limit has had north of the border, saying: "It is important to base our decisions on evidence and the Scottish experience will be crucial to that before we consider any possible changes to the limits in England and Wales."

However, Jones also said that "This government's current position, however, remains to focus resources on enforcing against the most serious offenders."

Evidence in Scotland shows that in the first nine months of the lower drink-drive limit being enforced, the number of offences fell by 12.5%. Last year in England and Wales, drink-driving offences accounted for 240 fatalities and 1080 serious injuries.