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1) Fiat 500 1.2 Pop
List price/Monthly lease: 8300/219
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 119/10%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 13/27
With its consciously retro looks, the cute 500 is just about the most desirable car in its class. That makes for strong resale values - and low running costs. We wish it was a bit better to drive, but if you like the looks, you'll forgive it that.

2) Seat Ibiza 1.4 SE 5dr
List price/Monthly lease: 10,780/228
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 149/17%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 30/60
Compared with other superminis, the style of the Ibiza really stands out. It's fun to drive, too, and this engine gives decent performance, while the interior has just about enough kit to make up for its shortage of class.

3) Nissan Note 1.4 Visia
List price/Monthly lease: 9990/239
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 139/15%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 24/49
The Note is a spacious and thoughtfully designed car, with an attractive and versatile interior. It's good to drive and well built, too, but looks a little pricey compared with more conventional superminis.

4) Vauxhall Corsa 1.4i Club A/C 5dr
List price/Monthly lease: 12,695/247
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 149/17%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 35/71
Oozing refinement, the Corsa delivers practicality and performance at a keen price - and it's economical, too. The car is heavy, and that does tell in its acceleration, but overall it is good value.

5) Hyundai i20 1.2 Classic 5dr
List price/Monthly lease: 8645/249
CO2 (g/km)/tax rating: 124/15%
Monthly tax bill (20/40%): 21/42
The attraction of the i20 is how much you get for your money. Even this entry-level model has air-con, electric front windows and stability control. Plus, while it's not especially exciting to drive, it is grippy, stable and predictable.

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