Volvo works on animal detection system

* New system to spot animals * Can slow or stop the car * Should improve safety on rural roads...

13 Jun 2011 14:47 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Volvo is working on an animal detection system to help make its cars safer in rural areas.

The new system uses the same radar and camera technology as Volvo's Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake application, which is available on its:

A warning sounds if an animal is detected on the road ahead, and if the driver fails to act, the cars brakes are applied to either bring the vehicle to a halt or slow it down significantly.

Volvo says that, in Sweden alone, more than 40,000 accidents involving wild animals are reported every year.

Most collisions with animals happen at dawn, dusk, or during dark winter months, so the new system is being developed with full functionality in these conditions.

Intelligent system
Volvos engineers also plan to 'teach' the system to recognise different animals. As part of the process, a team spent time at a safari park recording film sequences and the behavioural patterns of moose and deer. This is to help ensure the system responds to large animals such as horses and deer that pose the greatest risk to drivers and passengers.

A launch date has yet to be confirmed.