Volvo's winter check-up

* 25-point winter check * Available until March 31, 2010 * 30-minute check for 30...

Volvo's winter check-up

Volvo owners who want to ensure their car is ready to face the worst that the winter can throw at it can now take advantage of a special check-up from dealers.

For 30, the dealer will carry out a 25-point check on the car covering everything from the steering to suspension and handbrake adjustment. They will also check the levels of the coolant and anti-freeze, as well cleaning the car inside and out and (while stocks last) giving away a free ice scraper.

The 30-minute check is available from participating dealers until the end of March, and forms part of the Volvo Service Programme. That means that any Volvo owner who already uses the companys network for servicing would have had the checks carried out at their cars last service.