VW promises better servicing

* Will match rival costs on servicing * Free fitment of bulbs and wipers * 85% of dealers signed up...

VW promises better servicing

Volkswagen has introduced a new 'Service Promise', which it claims will improve customer care and ensure consistent standards for all.

The commitments
The 'Promise' includes commitments to anybody who has their car serviced or repaired by an official VW outlet. These include:
•A commitment to match any like-for-like service or repair quote from any garage within five miles, providing this is based on the use of genuine Volkswagen parts.

•Free fitment of wiper blades and most exterior lightbulbs (excluding xenon headlamps) when bought from a Volkswagen service outlet. This is a service that third-party retailers are increasingly charging for.

•Customers will be able to take a road test with a qualified VW technician to help track down intermittent or hard-to-trace faults.

•A free wash and vacuum with any job that takes over an hour - but customers will be able to request a complementary wash and vacuum for jobs that take less than an hour.

•Volkswagen is also offering free no-obligation 'visual health checks' for cars, and also a revised version of its service plan scheme, enabling owners to spread maintenance costs. Users who take out a service plan will also get complimentary MoT tests for the duration of the plan.

Volkswagen says that 85% of its UK dealers and service outlets have signed up to the Service Promise.