What about safety?

* Second-generation B-Class driven * Price 21,290-26,160, on sale March * MPG 45.6-64.2; CO2 115-145g/km...

What about safety?

The B-Class gets seven airbags as standard, along with a host of cutting-edge safety technology.

Firstly, there's Attention Assist, which monitors steering inputs and warns the driver if it detects signs of tiredness.

Then there's a new Collision Prevention Assist system, which uses radar to detect a slowing or stationary vehicle in front, and provides both an audible and visual warning. It also primes the brakes to stop the car as quickly as possible, so when you hit the pedal, maximum stopping power is delivered.

All this comes as standard on all B-Class models, but if you raid the options list, there's even more help available. You can add a system that warns you if another vehicle is sitting in your blind spot, and one that warns you if you drift out of your lane without signalling.