What Car?: August issue out now

* All-new baby BMW reviewed * Car crime turns nasty * August issue of What Car? in shops now...

What Car?: August issue out now
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Pete Barden
4 Jul 2011 15:54

The August issue of What Car? is on sale now. Here's a taster of what to expect.

BMW 1 Series review
We review BMW's all-new premium small family car. It's on sale in September, has a price of 19,375-23,480 and CO2 emissions of 99-137g/km.

Land of open glory
Brits have always loved the Mercedes SLK, so is the new one good enough to stop drop-top fans choosing the TT Roadster, Z4 or Boxster instead? Join us in the What Car? test centre to find out.

Car crime turns nasty
Cars are getting more secure, so thieves are going to more extreme lengths to steal your car. We've got an in-depth investigation of how car crime is turning even nastier.

Tow car awards
50 new cars, eight award-winners, one towing champion. Get all the details in the August issue of What Car?

August issue of What Car?
Take a sneaky peak inside the July issue of What Car? by browsing our sample pages below. Just click and drag on the top corner to turn the page.