What Car? in Future Car Challenge

* Brighton to London Future Car Challenge * Packed with hi-tech eco-cars * What Car? taking part...

What Car? in Future Car Challenge

The latest in electric, hybrid and high-efficiency petrol and diesel technology will join the oldest of cars in an expanded London to Brighton event this November.

In the inaugural Future Car Challenge, which is part-sponsored by What Car?, 40-50 cars packed with cutting-edge technology take on the famous 60-mile route on Saturday, November 6.

The cars will run in the opposite direction to the following day's veteran car rally for vehicles from 1904 or before. The event will be judged on how little energy the new cars use to make the journey from coast to capital.

It's hoped that the Brighton to London run, which will be held each year, will help the public become familiar with the new era of technology.

What Car? will be taking part in the run, which will include a host of cars such as VW Bluemotion models, Gordon Murray's T.25, hybrids such as the Toyota Auris, and electric cars such as the Tesla Roadster.

For more information visit the Future Car Challenge website.