What Car?'s lease deal bargains

* Our pick of great lease deals for all budgets * PCP and HP bargains on everything from city cars to luxury models * Some deals work out cheaper than paying cash...

What Car?'s lease deal bargains

What Car? experts have today revealed the best finance deals on the UK’s top cars. Monthly payments of just £117 a month can net you a Hyundai i10 on a 3.5-year, 5.9% APR deal.

What Car? editor-in-chief Chas Hallett explains: 'Choosing how to pay for your new car can be really confusing, because consumers face so many options.

'For example Skoda’s 0% interest offer will cost consumers less than buying with cash, and buying a Mercedes-Benz CLS on finance can yield savings of more than £10,000.'

What Car? picked the deals from a selection of the best finance-based offers on new cars to suit all budgets.

Where manufacturers offers stated repayment terms, these are quoted. Where variable PCP terms apply, these too are quoted. PCP deals involve a 15% deposit. Unless otherwise stated, HP deals require a 20% deposit.