What the dealers really mean

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What the dealers really mean

The dealer says I cant authorise that level of discount because the manager isnt here, and I doubt hed agree to it anyway.
The dealer means Im going to put you off haggling a bigger discount by making you think it wont be worthwhile.

The dealer says (when appraising your part-exchange) These cars arent as popular now; theyre getting quite hard to shift.
The dealer means I want you to believe your car is worth less than you hoped so youll accept a lower part-exchange price.

The dealer says I cant give you that big a discount. The manufacturer wont allow it.
The dealer means Youre not getting any more money off, and if I blame the manufacturer youll stop haggling.

The dealer says This car is the only one in the country and another customers coming to see it later today so youll need to be quick.
The dealer means I want to force you into a snap decision now so you cant walk away and buy from someone else.

The dealer says Give me the keys to your part-exchange and our valuer will appraise it while we discuss your new car.
The dealer means You cant leave here until we give you your keys back, giving me more time to talk you into a deal.

The dealer says I cant take any more off this car because its a factory order. I dont know what discount the manufacturer will be offering by the time it arrives. Order it now and if the offer improves, Ill pass it on to you.
The dealer means Buy the car now, and although Ive made you think the discount may improve, its not going to happen.

The dealer says I can do this deal today because my manager isnt here and I can say I thought it would be okay.
The dealer means I want you to think youve got an extra-special deal from me that normally wouldnt be sanctioned by the manager.