What the papers say: December 3

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What the papers say: December 3

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

German car sales fall
Sales in Europe's biggest car market have fallen sharply during November. New car sales in Germany dropped by 18%, leaving the outlook even more bleak for the rest of the continent's car makers. The figures are especially worrying because, until now, Germany's sales had been more resilient to the downturn.
Financial Times

Toyota cuts bonuses as sales plunge
The Financial Times reports that Toyota is to cut end-of-year bonuses paid to its managers. The move is part of a cost-cutting initiative. New car sales in Japan fell 27% during November.
Financial Times

Car boss offers to work for just $1
The Daily Telegraph reports that the boss of Ford has made an offer to work for just $1 a year while also giving up bonuses and the now infamous corporate jet. In return all that he wants is part of a $25 billion state aid package to help his industry survive. The offer comes after dire November car sales for the 'big three'. Ford plunged 29.8%, while GM's were down by 41.3% and Chrysler's sales crashed by 47%.
The Daily Telegraph

US car makers want $34 billion
The Financial Times reports that the 'big three' US car makers are going to ask for $34 billion in their second appeal to Washington in less than a month. The paper says the companies will explain their plans to transform themselves from 'high cost behemoths' to leaner and greener operators.
Financial Times

Ford boss gets the message
Making his latest trip form Detroit to Washington in search of state aid, Ford's Chief Executive left the corporate jet in the hangar and chose to travel the 400 miles in one of his company's economical Escape hybrids.
The Daily Telegraph

A Mini adventure with no back seats
The Guardian has discovered the Mini E. The paper lists the virtues of the 95mph electric car, with its 150 mile range, and impressive green credentials.

More bad news from motor industry supply-chain
The depth of the motor industry's problems was yesterday highlighted by problems at lithium-ion battery supplier Axeon. The company which supplies car makers said that it had cut jobs and would be looking for further measures to conserve cash.
The Times

Pennies for parking
A woman fined 80 after her parking ticket fell off her car's windscreen has paid the penalty with a barrow-load of 1p and 2p coins, reports The Daily Telegraph. Despite the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service recommending the ticket be cancelled, Bromley council in south London still insisted on it being paid.
The Daily Telegraph

101mph detective escapes ban
The Daily Telegraph reports on a police detective who was caught travelling at 101mph on the A1M. Despite the fact that a 56-day ban was possible, the detective was given six points and fined 400. He claimed he would not be able to work should he be disqualified.
The Daily Telegraph

Car/plane goes under the hammer
The Aerocar, a plane which can legally be driven on US roads, is up for sale on auction site eBay. The 'vehicle' is capable of cruising at 100mph in the air and can be converted into a car in just five minutes, according to The Sun. The plane/car is expected to go for around $3.5 million.
The Sun