What the papers say: December 4

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What the papers say: December 4
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What Car? Staff
4 Dec 2008 11:47

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

New car sales plummet during November
The Daily Mail claims that sales of new cars has plunged by 38% during November. The paper says that makers of luxury cars, such as Jaguar, have been hardest hit. The figures, to be announced later today by the SMMT, follow falls of 21% in August and 23% in October.
Daily Mail
Official figures released since the Daily Mail went to press have revealed that new car sales in November dropped by 36.8%. Read our full story here.

Electric car sales halved
Sales of electric cars have fallen by 50% during 2008, according to the Daily Mail. Just 156 of the cars were bought in the first 10 months of the year, fewer than half the number for the same period during 2007. The news comes in the same week as the Government's climate change tsar, Adair Turner, predicted that one in four motorists would be driving an electric vehicle within 12 years. Sales are expected to grow sharply in coming years when mainstream manufacturers launch their own electric cars.
Daily Mail

Fuel cost still higher than last year
The Daily Express today publishes a cost-of-living index, which shows that, despite the economic downturn and falling prices, fuel is still considerably more expensive than it was last year. The paper reports an average weekly fuel bill for 20-litres of diesel was 19.40 in 2007, but 21.30 this year.
Daily Express

Older people more likely to get speeding ticket
Drivers aged 60 or over are six times more likely to be fined for speeding than they were 10 years ago, according to The Times. The Department for Transport commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to analyse the age of offenders in two three-year periods: 1997-99 and 2003-05. The research revealed that the number of men aged 60 and over receiving penalty points for speeding grew by 540% between the periods, while for women aged 60 and over there was a 1200% increase, but the original starting point was much lower.
The Times

Cough mixtures could result in a driving ban
Drivers who use over-the-counter cough medicines risk fines or even a disqualification, according to the Daily Express. The paper claims that the law on such matters does not differentiate between legal and illegal substances. Motorists are advised to carefully read the instructions before taking any medicines.
Daily Express

Who is the Stig
The Sun reports that the identity of Top Gear's 'tame' racing driver the Stig has become one of the most searched for answers on the internet. The survey of questions was undertaken by internet search engine Ask.com. The most popular question, however, was from girls asking 'am I pregnant?'
The Sun

VW windfall for charity
The Financial Times reports that Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn and his fellow executive board directors are to give a charity 10% of the 21.5 million windfall they received when VW shares spiked in October.
Financial Times

US car industry survival plan
The 'big three' US car makers will today present their survival plans to Congress in the hope they will win state aid. According to the Financial Times, GM plans to reduce its workforce by 30,000 by 2012, to focus on core brands, and to sell its corporate aircraft. Ford would possibly sell Volvo, launch a range of hybrid and electric-only cars, close four plants and sell its corporate aircraft. Chrysler would also launch new green vehicles, seek alliances with other manufacturers and pay its CEO $1 for 2009.
Financial Times

Blizzards hit Britain
The Daily Mail warns motorists to expect havoc on the roads as Arctic weather sweeps across the nation. Roads fro the Midlands northwards are expected to suffer from heavy snowfall.
Daily Mail

Be prepared as snow arrives
The Times also covers blizzard conditions over the UK, by warning motorists from the Midlands northwards to carry extra clothing, emergency food, water, boots and a shovel if they are heading out in their cars today.
The Times