What the papers say: January 2

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What the papers say: January 2

We review the car-related news in today's papers.

Lotus plans electric sports car
Lotus could show off an electric powered sports car at this year's Geneva motor show, according to the Financial Times. 'Don't be surprised to see an electric Lotus shortly', Lotus chief executive Michael Kimberley told the paper.
The Financial Times

Also in the FT
The newspaper also dedicates a whole page to motor industry-related news, specifically the Chinese car manufacturers. The paper says the country's car makers are aiming to defy the global economic downturn and increase production.
The Financial Times

Hybrid sales slump in the US
Last bit of FT news... The paper says sales of hybrids in the United State are falling because the price of petrol has tumbled. Industry executives are said to be urging government to increase taxes on petrol to stimulate interest in hybrid cars.
The Financial Times

Cash in the attic
The Times reports on the story of Harold Carr, an eccentric doctor who left his lock-up to his nephews. Inside they find a Bugatti Type 57S Atalante - a 70-year-old sports car that could be worth as much as 9million.
The Times

Filthy Bristolians
Bristol has the nation's filthiest cars, according to the Telegraph. The paper said Edinburgh is 8th on the list, but neglected to include Scotland on their illustrative map. Just as well most Scots are enjoying a bank holiday today, otherwise paper reviewers could be seriously miffed.
The Daily Telegraph

Speed cameras illegal
The Telegraph also has a story claiming that most of the nation's 6000 speed cameras could be declared unlawful as the result of a legal challenge. The paper says 80 cases are in the pipeline in which drivers will argue that evidence was gathered unlawfully because the cameras have never been given parliamentary approval.
The Daily Telegraph

No beeping day bumped
Yesterday was No Honking Day in New Delhi, but according to the Telegraph most of the Indian capital's motorists ignored the plea to reduce noise pollution.
The Daily Telegraph

Massive bill for MG Rover inquiry
The cost of the official inquiry into the events of the collapse of MG Rover has topped 14million, according to the Guardian. The inquiry is still under.
The Guardian

Fiver to drop off at the airport
A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that drivers are increasingly being charged for dropping off relatives at airports. Stopping for as little as 15 minutes can cost up to 5 because few airports offer more than 10 minutes of free parking.
The Daily Mail

Petrol price falls... and will go up again
The Daily Mail predicts that a litre of petrol will fall below 80p a litre, but will start climbing again in the spring.
The Daily Mail

Sat-nav blunders
The same paper also says that one in three drivers have been sent the wrong way by their sat-nav.
The Daily Mail

Mystery Machine
The Mail also has a picture of what it says is the car of the future. Although under wraps at the moment, the T25. It's designed by Gordon Murray, powered by a conventional engine that can comfortably achieve 80mpg and cost less than 5600. Not much else is revealed about the car.
The Daily Mail