What the papers say: November 17

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What the papers say: November 17

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Europe car aid hopes grow
After receiving a frosty reception from Brussels, Europe's car makers are gaining in confidence that a credit programme of up to 34 billion could be forthcoming. The deal would be funded by the European Investment Bank.
The Financial Times

David Beckham's car is non-starter
A car owned by David Beckham before he made his Manchester United debut is up for sale, reports The Sun. The Golf 1.4 is being offered at 1,995, but no-one seems to be interested, according to the car's current owner.
The Sun
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General Motors could fail in January
The motor company has said it may not be able to stay in business until President-elect Obama takes office on January 20. The sympathetic Mr Obama may be too late to give the company the lifeline it so desperately needs, reports the Financial Times.
The Financial Times

End of the road for Reg
The nation's favourite bus driver is dead, reports the Daily Mail. Reg Varney who played Stan Butler from TV's On The Buses, died yesterday at the age of 92.
The Daily Mail

Supply chain worries
Car manufacturer's supply chains are suddenly looking very vulnerable, according to a report in the Financial Times. The economic downturn has prompted some car manufacturers to offer help to the very companies they usually squeeze.
The Financial Times

Record fines mean glass prices could increase
Record anti-trust fines imposed on some of Europe's largest glass producers mean that the price of car-related glass products is expected to increase.
The Financial Times

On your bike
More depressing news for the car industry, as it's reported that directory services firm 118 118 over the past 12 months has recorded a 94% increase in requests for telephone numbers of bike shops and a 27% rise in railway-related calls.
The Guardian

China considering its F1 future
The future of China's involvement in Formula 1 is in doubt, reports the Daily Telegraph. Heavy financial losses incurred by the nation's Grand Prix are said to be behind the rethink. China has hosted the event since 2004.
The Telegraph

Car hire firm cut jobs
Avis Europe has said it is planning to cut 315 jobs, reports The Sun. The figure equates to 5% of the company's workforce. Noticeably 'weaker' volumes of business in the final quarter of the year are being blamed.
The Sun