What the papers say: November 20

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20 Nov 2008 16:14 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Speed twice and you could be banned
The Daily Mail reports on Government plans to ban drivers who receive just two speeding tickets. Ministers want to double the point tariff for motorists who break speed limits by a significant amount. Those caught will be issued with six points, and receiving two of these within three years will result in a six month ban.
The Daily Mail

Asda cuts fuel price
Asda has reignited the battle of the forecourts, by cutting the cost of a litre of unleaded to 90.9p. The 2p cut will be applied to all their 171 forecourts, reports the Daily Mail. Other supermarkets instantly followed by cutting the price of their fuel.
The Daily Mail

Drink drivers may get warning letters
The Daily Telegraph reports that persistent drink drivers could receive letters warning them to seek help. The Government wants to target these 'hardcore' offenders by encouraging friends and family to report them to police.
The Daily Telegraph

Used luxury cars lose value
The price of used luxury cars is 'plunging', according to a report in the Daily Telegraph. Highly paid executives fearing for their immediate future are unwilling to pay 30,000 for a second-hand car. The effects are being felt particularly hard at the top end of the market. Values of a one-year-old luxury saloon are reported to have fallen by 21% compared with a year ago.
The Daily Telegraph

Plea for road tax halt
Car makers have written to Chancellor Alistair Darling asking that planned increases in VED road tax should be scrapped. The charges are expected to be announced in the Chancellor's pre-budget report next week.
The Daily Telegraph

US changes way it thinks about oil
US oil consumption has dropped 5% during 2008, according to figures reported in the Financial Times. The paper also notes that the figures underline a change in the country's attitude towards energy use.
The Financial Times

US car industry aid hopes 'remote'
The Financial Times reports that US car industry hopes of state aid were yesterday 'remote'. The claim comes after US congressmen ridiculed bosses from the Chrysler, Ford and General Motors for travelling to the meeting in corporate jets.
The Financial Times

Chrysler hopes to revive GM merger discussions
The US car maker hopes to revive talks with GM as soon as a Government bail-out package is agreed, reports The Financial Times. The talks are still continuing at low-level, but would be immediately put to the top of the agenda should a deal with the US Government be brokered.
The Financial Times