Which seat will fit my car?

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Which seat will fit my car?
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What Car? Staff
13 May 2010 15:19

Your childs car seat could save his life, but how do you choose the right one and fit it properly? Dont worry we have the answers here

Which seat will fit my car?
Theres only one way to find out, and thats to try them. Making sure the seat fits your car properly is as crucial as choosing the right type of seat. Ask the retailer to help check that a seat fits correctly in your car many shops offer this service, including branches of Halfords, Mothercare and Toys R Us. Always check that the member of staff helping you has received child seat training. You could also check with the manufacturer of your car or child seat to ensure compatibility. Some seat makers offer an online fit-finder service.

Watch out, in particular, for buckle crunch when the cars seatbelt buckle lies across any part of the child seat frame. In a crash, the pressure could cause the buckle to open, setting the child seat loose. Youll need either to find a child seat that isnt affected by the seatbelt buckle, or maybe even change your car and find one suitable for a child seat.