Winter tyre deals and offers

* Safety benefits of winter tyres proven * Loads of deals and offers on winter tyres * Story updated as more offers come in...

Winter tyre deals and offers

Our own tests prove that winter tyres offer big safety benefits, so we've put together a page of winter tyre offers and will be updating this page as more deals come in.

Audi has winter tyre sets (from 550 including fitting) and winter tyre- and alloy wheel sets (from 792 including fitting). Tyres sets come with heavy duty bags to protect stored tyres and reduce mess, or some Audi centres can offer storage at an extra cost.

BMW is offering winter tyres with both steel and alloy wheels. Prices start at 700 for a complete set of winter tyres, steel rims and wheel covers for a BMW 1 Series. A charge may be applied for fitting. BMW can store your standard wheels and tyres for 30

HiQ has an offer where buyers of Dunlop or Goodyear winter tyres also receive a 20 shopping voucher

Kwikfit has 25% off all winter tyres until December 31.

Mercedes-Benz prices for a set of winter tyres and alloy wheels start at 999 (excluding fitting) for an E220 CDI. Storage of summer tyres will be an option through the dealer network.

Peugeot is offering customers a free winter check when fitting winter tyres. Peugeot dealers also offer four services; a set of cold weather tyres complete with alloy wheels and storage, a set of tyres with steel wheels and storage or a set of tyres to replace their existing ones and storage. Finally, dealers are able to supply and fit the winter tyres only, allowing customers to store their summer tyres themselves.

Porsche is offering winter wheel- and tyre sets, specifically designed for each of their models. Packages start at 1500 for the Boxster and include alloy wheels, premium winter tyres, fitting and VAT.

Saab is offering alloy wheels and winter tyre packages from 559 including VAT. Customers interested in this package should contact their local Saab dealership for more information, including fitting charges and tyre storage options.

Skoda is currently offering to supply a set of winter tyres from a starting price of 248 (including fitting).

Suzuki has complete winter tyre- and wheel sets starting from 424 (excluding fitting) for the Suzuki Alto.

Toyota has fixed its winter tyres since March 2011 and promises that Toyota Centres will supply competitively priced tyres and carry out the change-over for owners who can also store their standard set with the Centre until the spring.

Volkswagen has fully fitted sets of winter tyres from 250 and alloy wheel and winter tyre sets starting from 725. All winter tyre sets come with storage bags too.

Volvos winter tyre packages start at 580 (for a set of four, including fitting) with alloy wheel- and winter tyre sets from 1285 including fitting. Volvo also offers storage for out-of-use wheel sets, which costs 85 for a six month period.