Used Renault Kadjar 2015-present

Used Renault Kadjar 2015-present review

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Which used Renault Kadjar hatchback should I buy?

If you plan to use your Kadjar for short journeys only, go for the 1.2 TCe petrol model, because it has enough power to cope with the inner-city dash, while being economical enough not to hurt your wallet.

The diesels are much more useful for those who have longer commutes and plan to carry a full complement of passengers; their extra torque helps to get the car up to cruising speed without having to use too many revs. Of the two, we’d recommend the 1.5 dCi over the 1.6, because the more powerful engine isn’t worth the extra cost involved with buying or running it.

Dynamic Nav is our favourite spec; it gives you the 7.0in colour touchscreen infotainment system, dual-zone climate control and automatic lights and wipers.

Our favourite Renault Kadjar: 1.5 dCi Dynamic Nav

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Used Renault Kadjar 2015-present
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