Renault Kangoo ZE charging

Renault Kangoo ZE 33 review


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The interior of the Kangoo ZE is no different to the regular Kangoo in appearance. It’s had a few facelifts over time and has all the storage you’d expect of a small van. There’s a central storage compartment between the driver and passenger seat, and an A4 sized storage space in the dashboard.

Hard plastics are widespread, and while they’re not offensive to touch as such, they are considerably rougher than other offerings in the van world.

Aside from the cosmetics, there’s also the important matter of a new heat pump which has improved efficiency in this latest generation electric Kangoo. In short, it stops the air conditioning from draining the battery and allows the van to be pre-conditioned while plugged into a charging point. Heating or cooling the van can therefore be done without losing range and (crucially during the winter) before you set off.

Renault Kangoo ZE charging
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