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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

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When you come to buy a Crafter, you’ll notice that the labelled length of the vehicle begins with an L3 model. That’s because the L1 and L2 lengths begin for the Transporter models. The short-wheelbase Crafter is therefore the L3, the long-wheelbase is the L4 and the maxi extra-long van that gets its extra length through an extension to the rear overhang is known as the L5.

A similar strategy happens with roof heights: H2 is for low-roof Crafters, H3 is for standard height and H4 is for high-roofs. All of these numbers mean the Crafter can transport volumes ranging from 9.9m3 for an L3H2 right up to 18.4m3 for the very biggest L5H4.  There are three different gross vehicle weights available, with a 3.0-tonne CR30, 3.5-tonne CR35 and a 5.0-tonne CR50 allowing payloads ranging from 784kg to 2621kg. Your run-of-the-mill 3.5-tonne van will transport up to a maximum of 1447kg.

Load lengths range from 3450mm to 4855mm, while standard height vans measure up at 1861mm. There's also the option of a lower roof with a 1726mm height or a super-high roof with 2196mm of head space – the largest of any van on the market.

A sliding side door with an aperture of 1311mm is standard on all models, along with 180deg rear doors on Startline and a 270deg opening for Trendline and Highline vans.

Volkswagen Crafter interior
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