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Volkswagen e-Crafter review

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When the Volkswagen e-Crafter was unveiled as a concept at the huge commercial vehicle show in Hanover in 2016, it wasn’t a question of if the electric large van would be made but when.

Two years later, and the first vehicles entered into trials across Europe, most tellingly with important UK customers including Heathrow Airport and the London Borough of Southwark. Those trials concluded and the e-Crafter is now on sale – but there’s a catch. You have to sit on the wrong side of the van, because it's currently only being made in left-hand drive form. 

That potentially troublesome problem aside, the e-Crafter is everything you’d expect of a big electric van, and is actually more powerful than its arch-rival, the Renault Master ZE.

The official range stands at 107 miles, but bear in mind that it's likely to be less in real-world operation.

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