Deal of the day: Peugeot 308

  •  Save more than £2000 on Peugeot's family car
  •  Comfortable ride and efficient diesel engine
  •  Generous equipment levels, with sat-nav standard from mid-spec up


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The car: Peugeot 308 1.6 BlueHDi 120 Active Hatchback
The saving: £2347
The discounted price: £17,149
The broker:

The new 118bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine is very quiet and refined. With it installed, 308 is equally happy wafting down the motorway or nipping through town, thanks to a wide and flexible power band. It’s also very efficient, averaging 88.3mpg, meaning running costs should be reasonable.

The 308 rides comfortably and manages to deal with most small surface imperfections. The ride only becomes unsettled when you hit a big bump. Road noise is kept to a minimum, so long journeys are fairly relaxing.

The boot is larger than that in the Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf and is only trumped by the much larger Skoda Octavia for practicality. An SW estate is also available, which increases practicality even further.

Equipment levels are generous. Basic models get air-con, Bluetooth, and cruise control. Active models, like the car in this deal, come with alloys, rear parking sensors and sat-nav as standard.

Body control is sloppy; when cornering, there’s a noticeable wait as the weight transfers to the outside wheels, then you can alter your line. It doesn’t feel anywhere near as composed as the Golf when driven quickly.

The 308’s resale values aren’t as strong as that of a BMW 1 Series, while Peugeot scored only average marks for reliability in the 2014 JD Power survey, so you haven’t got the same long-term peace of mind as some rivals.

The larger-than-average boot means that rear legroom isn't great - a six-footer sitting behind tall driver will find their knees rubbing the seat. The optional panoramic glass sunroof also compromises rear headroom.

Should I add any options?
Active trim is well equipped, so we’d avoid spending any more money than necessary.

Allure models get full LED headlights, a reversing camera and front parking sensors, and Feline models get keyless entry, bigger alloys and a panoramic roof as standard.

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